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Have you suffered gynecomastia or other serious side effects from Risperdal? If so, you’re entitled to compensation and that’s precisely where The Ledger Law Firm can assist.

The Ledger Law Firm is now accepting new cases with clients who have suffered a common but serious side effects from Risperdal. The most common side effect is gynecomastia, but other serious effects such as diabetes-related complications and sudden death in elderly patients with dementia who are taking Risperdal — the brand name for the drug called risperidone.

Gynecomastia is a condition whereby a male develops breasts. It can cause embarrassment, low self- esteem and it may even necessitate corrective surgery. It’s also a side effect that was downplayed by Risperdal’s manufacturers; as a result, Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay out $2.2 billion worth of penalties, fines and settlements to individuals just like you.

Our law firm is now accepting new product liability cases. We are dedicated to helping the many individuals who have suffered as a result of Risperdal and the resulting side effects like gynecomastia. We’re here to represent you as you seek out compensation for lost wages, medical bills, in addition to pain and suffering. We understand that many clients are embarrassed and hesitant to come forward. But if you decide to pursue a personal injury case, you can rest assured that you’ll be met with compassion and understanding from the entire staff at The Ledger Law Firm.

In addition, we’ve assembled a collection of information on Risperdal and the latest news on other Risperdal-related lawsuits.

You’re not alone. And The Ledger Law Firm is ready to assist.

We encourage you to contact The Ledger Law Firm today to discuss your case with one of our compassionate advocates. We understand that you’ve suffered due to this Risperdal side effect and we’re here to help you to get the compensation you deserve. Call (800) 884-9402.

The founding partner of The Ledger Law Firm, Emery Ledger, has years of experience in preparing personal injury & product liability litigation cases. A graduate of Rutgers University with a law degree from Western State University, Emery gained valuable training in several prestigious firms as a clerk and intern throughout his educational years. Upon graduation and admittance to the California Bar, Mr. Ledger founded The Ledger Law Firm with a devotion to providing every client with superlative representation combined with true compassion and sense of concern.