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Risperdal Lawsuit Information

19 January 2014

Johnson & Johnson Seeks to Keep Risperdal Documents Under Wraps

Attorneys for Risperdal manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceutical’s parent company, Johnson & Johnson, recently appeared in court to argue that the release of confidential documents related to the antipsychotic drug would create a prejudice against the drug maker in the dozens of pending lawsuits.

Dozens of individuals have filed product liability cases against Johnson & Johnson, claiming damages as a result of Risperdal side effects, which were allegedly downplayed by the company’s marketing campaigns.

An attorney for the Risperdal manufacturer argued that the plaintiffs were seeking to obtain the documents in an attempt to harm the company’s reputation.

So what’s in those contentious documents?

It has been reported that the documents detail information from clinical studies on Risperdal. It’s surmised that the write-ups contain information on Risperdal risks and side effects.

Attorneys for the alleged victims claim that ‘Janssen systematically under-reported or misrepresented clinically important study results relating to the occurrence of gynecomastia…in the child and adolescent market,’ according to court documents.

Gynecomastia is a condition whereby males develop breasts. It’s a condition that requires medical treatment, and in some cases, surgery to resolve. Gynecomastia is just one of the many side effects that the drug maker allegedly downplayed. Other side effects include movement disorders, diabetes-related complications, heart failure, lactation and breast discharge, pain and sudden death in elderly patients with dementia.

The confidential Risperdal documents have been under wraps since 2011, when a judge approved a motion to keep the files out of the public record and out of the public eye.

The courts have yet to make a ruling as to whether the confidential documents will be released or remain under wraps. Notably, a number of Risperdal lawsuits are scheduled to go to trial beginning in June 2014.

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